The Thoughtful Details of Tom Collins, Interior Designer

We have loved seeing the designs on paper come to life at Twin Creeks Assisted Living and Memory Care.

Tom Collins, Lead Designer of Twin Creeks, created a comfortable, open and inviting area where seniors can either engage with other residents, family, and friends or provide a personal space to relax and enjoy a change of scenery from their private residence. 

He chose colors and patterns that are active yet soothing.  In general, the common areas are open and well lighted, using as much natural light as possible.  We like to utilize lighter color palates with bright accents to create uplifting visuals.   

Tom Collins tells us, “The Twin Creeks community is an extraordinary design feature which gives a lift to the normal retirement living residence by providing open air space with lots of natural lighting, thus enabling residents to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of an easy chair.  We have continued a natural color palate throughout the community to bring the beauty of the surrounding landscape into the common areas and residences.”

Schedule a tour by calling 813-336-2128 and see Tom’s inspired designs.