The Health Benefits of Furry Friends

We love our furry visitors at Twin Creeks. Due to her passion for animals, our Life Enrichment Director, Jackie Pifer brings the companionship and affection of dogs to our community often.

According to Sarah Burke’s article, “In the Presence of Animals” in U.S. News & World Report, she noted that nursing home residents who had interaction with companion animals had fewer doctor’s visits than their fellow residents without animals in their lives.

“Reviewing 25 studies on the effects of pets on elderly people in nursing homes…it was found that residents exposed to pets consistently smiled more and became measurably more alert than those who did not encounter animals. Animals normalize the environment, and allow people to be more appropriate, more at ease” states Sarah Shilhavy on

The research is clear and we continue to bring the joy of animals to our residents. Here are a few furry visitors at Twin Creeks.

John and his dog Carrie, one of our therapy dogs with Canines for Christ and Golden Paws stopped by. She goes to church every Sunday and takes time out to visit with veterans.

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office came to visit for National K9 Veterans Day. Deputy Pulido and his bloodhound Champ explains to the residents the intensive training it takes to be a K9. Residents made gift bags to send with Officer Pulido and Champ. Special thanks to Deputy Jason Hay, Deputy Brodie, Major Bradford and Deputy Brian Pulido and his dog Champ for taking the time to visit our residents.

We were thrilled to have Paws For Friendship come visit. Lynn, Karen and Karen brought their dogs Belle, Merlot, Shannon and Tate. After greyhounds retire from racing they first go to Hardee Correctional Institute and are trained by inmates to follow demands. The inmates make beautiful flowers for the female dogs and bandannas for the males. Then the greyhounds are ready for adoption. We love their visits!