Meet Glenn Cannara, Director of Dining Services

At Twin Creeks Assisted Living and Memory Care, we know that one of the most important aspects of our residents’ day is dining. Glenn Carrara, Director of Dining Services, is thinking about it all the time.

“I’ve been taking care of seniors for the better part of the last 10 years,” says Glenn, “And I take pride in getting to know them, all their likes and dislikes and figuring out the best menu for them.”

Glenn came to Florida from New Jersey in 1979, and he certainly hasn’t lost his Jersey accent – or his love for Bruce Springsteen. His parents came down shortly after and he considers this home. Glenn also has two daughters in the area.

The residents at Twin Creeks will enjoy three meals per day, every day of the year. Since the residents are eating at the same restaurant, the dining team makes sure that every meal will be a distinct experience, and there will be many choices.

There will be a main entrée for each meal, and then a list of “always available” items. For breakfast, residents can choose from a variety of eggs, omelets, pancakes, waffles and continental items. For lunch and dinner, the specials might range from an eggplant parmesan to a Salisbury steak. Vegetarian residents will also have menu items available to them at every meal. The Always Available menu will include the Twin Creeks burger, specialty salads, soups and grilled cheese.

“The Always Available menu will depend a lot on the residents who move to Twin Creeks,” says Glenn. “We are finding out some of our Founders Club members’ favorite foods so we can include those on the menus.”

Twin Creeks will provide a wide variety of entrées and is committed to using fresh ingredients whenever possible.   There will also be bistro areas throughout the community for residents to get a cup of coffee or small snack.  For residents in Memory Care, the activities will center around the bistro area so that residents are able to get a drink of water or enjoy a snack.

Twin Creeks is slated to open in September and will have 80 private and companion suite apartments. Many residents have already reserved their apartment and are eagerly awaiting opening.

Glenn is one of the many team members who are busy preparing the community to open.

“I am excited to get to know the residents better, sit down with them, listen to their story. That’s what makes this job very special,” says Glenn.