Active Bodies and Minds

The comfort and well-being of our residents is first and foremost our priority at Twin Creeks. This goes beyond just  medical care and healthy meals.

Our activities director or Life Enrichment Director, Jackie Pifer is finding many ways for residents to not only move their bodies but also their minds.

Our walking club is in full swing as we enjoy the beautiful Florida weather. There’s always a reason to be outside, whether to fly a kite, or visit with our neighbors, the Sandhill Cranes and ducks by the lake.

We often take scenic drives around the area or visit with a local animal hospital. We have plans to also visit the Florida Railroad Museum, Turkey Creek Stables, and shopping malls nearby.

While indoors, we have brain teasers to keep the mind active and also provide spiritual growth through Bible study. And games are always on the calendar here to keep residents engaged.

It is important to us to provide a stimulating daily life for our residents. We are always asking for their feedback on what they like or dislike doing so that we can truly tailor to their interests.

Just like family, we take pride in the beautiful community that was built and the new Twin Creeks family that now lives here.